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Explosive Challenge
The Explosive Challenge is a five day fitness program that will make you work for every drop of sweat that pours out of you. You will burn calories and melt fat to give you that lean tight look you've been searching for. Your muscles will work very close to their breaking point as we strengthen and develop them to a hard and define piece of art. The Challenge last for an hour and a half each session. Each visit consists of high intensity agility movements combined with strength moves that would make even the mightiest of athletes squirm. If you're tired of your same old routine and are ready to confront a real workout, enlist in the Explosive Challenge Today.

This program is not for beginners!
People who have not participated in a fitness program for more than 3 months need to successfully complete our Fitness Boot Camp before enlisting in the Explosive Challenge.

Explosive Challenge Dates

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For those of you looking for a a different experience, we have our original boot camps, women-only camps, 50-plus camps and kid's camps too!

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