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Our wellness programs have one objective in mind. To implement a program that will lead to healthier and more active employees in the work place. We are able to service companies of all sizes and types. If your company would like their own in house facility that will service the employees, we can help you from start to finish in design and management of your facility. We are also able to bring more economical choices to your company. In such instances, we bring our own equipment and utilize an empty conference room for your fitness program. We set up a time(s) with your human resource person that will benefit the largest number of employees. We then come in and execute a program that will cover every major fitness component necessary to deliver the employer a happy, healthy and confident employee.

Call and ask how you can get your company involved in one of our corporate wellness programs.

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You will have to consider some 'side effects' to implementing a professionally structured and organized wellness program:

  • Reduced health insurance costs with improvements in employees' Health'
  • Less worker absences
  • Higher Productivity and Energy Levels
  • Realistic nutrition programs that improve body composition and excessive weight limits
  • A valuable recruitment and employee-retainment tool
  • Budget-conscious monitoring plan to encourage fitness adherence
  • Less stressed and more physically active workforce
  • A greater sense of camaraderie and teamwork among your workforce
There are several ways to get your company started. You will need to meet with our representative to help you in the initial steps to incorporating a successful fitness-wellness program. Call 956-451-8962 or e-mail for more information today.

Join the growing number of Companies who choose Explosive Fitness
as their Corporate Coach to Wellness.